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Are you tired of hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in your attic or walls? Are you constantly finding chewed-up wires or insulation around your home? These are common signs that you may have a squirrel infestation. Squirrels are cute and fun to watch in the wild, but they can cause serious damage to your homes and businesses when they move in. They can chew through almost anything, including wood, metal, and plastic, and can enter your home through even the tiniest openings. Once inside, they will search for food and shelter, making your property their new home.

Cheval squirrels living in your yard and attics can cause property damage that will need to be repaired

Are you tired of hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in your attic or walls? Are you constantly finding chewed-up wires or insulation around your home? These are common signs that you may have a squirrel infestation. Squirrels are cute and fun to watch in the wild, but they can cause serious damage to your homes and businesses when they move in. They can chew through almost anything, including wood, metal, and plastic, and can enter your home through even the tiniest openings. Once inside, they will search for food and shelter, making your property their new home.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa, we understand the frustration and potential dangers of having squirrels in your home or business. They can not only cause property damage, but they can also carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to humans and pets. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to safely and effectively remove these pesky rodents. Our wildlife removal experts use humane squirrel trapping techniques and work to identify and seal all entry points on your roof or in your walls. We take the necessary steps to ensure that your squirrel problem is solved for good. If you’re in Cheval, FL, and need professional squirrel pest control, look no further than AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa.

Problems Caused By Squirrels

Squirrels are cute and furry critters that are generally welcomed in most outdoor settings. However, when these creatures start invading homes and businesses, they can become a serious nuisance. Squirrels are known for causing a wide range of problems, and homeowners in Tampa FL are no strangers to the issues they can bring. In this section, we will explore the various problems caused by squirrels and the impact they can have on your property and well-being.

Damage to Property

One of the most significant problems caused by squirrels is damage to property. These critters can cause extensive damage to your home or business by chewing through wood, insulation, and wiring. This type of damage can lead to costly repairs, as well as create a fire hazard. If you notice any signs of squirrel damage, it is crucial to contact a Tampa wildlife control company immediately to prevent further damage.

Garden Damage

Squirrels are known for their love of nuts, fruits, and seeds, which is why they can wreak havoc on your garden. These critters can dig up bulbs, destroy flowers, and eat vegetables and fruits, causing extensive damage to your garden. If you have a lot of squirrels in your area, it’s important to protect your garden by using physical barriers or repellents.

Bird Feeder Raids

Squirrels are notorious for raiding bird feeders, which can be frustrating for homeowners who enjoy birdwatching. They can easily climb up a pole or jump from a nearby tree to access the feeder, causing damage to the feeder itself or scaring away the birds. To prevent squirrel raids, you can install squirrel-proof bird feeders or place the feeder away from any nearby trees or structures.

Spread of Disease

Squirrels can carry a variety of diseases, including leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and tularemia, which can be transmitted to humans through contact with their urine, feces, or saliva. These diseases can cause serious health issues and should not be taken lightly. If you notice any signs of squirrels in your home, such as the smell of urine or feces, it’s important to contact a wildlife removal company in Tampa FL to address the issue immediately.

Nesting in Attics and Chimneys

Squirrels are notorious for nesting in attics and chimneys, which can cause a range of problems. They can create a mess with their urine and feces, and chew through wiring and insulation. This can lead to costly repairs and even pose a fire hazard. If you suspect squirrels are nesting in your attic or chimney, it’s crucial to contact a wildlife removal company to remove them safely and humanely.

Car Damage (Chewing on Car Wires)

Squirrels can also cause car damage by chewing on wires and causing electrical problems. This can be a frustrating and costly problem for homeowners, as repairing the damage can be expensive. If you notice any signs of squirrel damage to your car, it’s important to contact a wildlife removal company in Tampa FL to address the issue and prevent further damage.

Tree Damage

Squirrels are known for their habit of stripping bark from trees to feed on sap. This can cause extensive damage to your trees, leading to stunted growth or even death. If you notice any signs of tree damage, it’s important to contact a wildlife removal company to address the issue and prevent further damage.

Aggressive Behavior

In rare cases, squirrels can exhibit aggressive behavior toward humans, especially if they feel threatened. This can be a dangerous situation, as squirrels have sharp teeth and claws that can cause serious injury. If you notice any signs of aggressive behavior, it’s important to contact a wildlife removal company in Tampa FL to address the issue and prevent any potential harm.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

Squirrel infestations can be a nightmare for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re experiencing problems with these pesky rodents, it’s important to know the signs of an infestation so you can take action and prevent further damage to your property. Here are some common signs of squirrel infestation to look out for:

Sightings of squirrels: If you spot a squirrel or a group of squirrels frequently in or around your property, it’s a good indication that you may have an infestation. Squirrels are active during the day, so keep an eye out for them running along fences, climbing trees, or jumping from roof to roof.

Squirrel nests: Squirrels build nests out of leaves, twigs, and other materials in trees, attics, and other high places. If you see a type of nest that you don’t recognize, it’s worth investigating further to see if it’s a squirrel’s nest.

Chewed wires or insulation: Squirrels love to chew on things, and they will often gnaw on wires, insulation, and other materials. If you notice chewed wires or insulation in your home, it’s a sign that squirrels are present.

Holes in the roof or exterior of your home: Squirrels can cause damage to your property by creating holes in your roof or exterior walls. These holes provide an entry point for squirrels to get inside your home, so it’s important to seal them up as soon as possible.

Strange noises: If you hear strange noises in your attic, walls, or other parts of your home, it’s possible that squirrels are the culprit. Squirrels make scratching, scurrying, and chattering noises, which can be quite loud and disruptive.

Droppings: Squirrel droppings are small and pellet-like, and can be found in areas where squirrels have been active. If you find droppings in your attic, crawl space, or other parts of your home, it’s a sign that squirrels have been there.

Foul odors: Squirrels can create a foul odor in your home due to their urine and droppings. If you notice a strong, unpleasant smell in your attic or other parts of your home, it’s possible that squirrels are to blame.

Visible tracks or footprints: Squirrels leave tracks and footprints in areas where they’ve been active. If you see these signs, it’s a good indication that squirrels have been in your home.

Damage to outdoor areas: Squirrels can also cause damage to outdoor areas, such as gardens, trees, and bird feeders. If you notice damage to these areas, it’s possible that squirrels are the culprit.

If you experience any of these signs of squirrel infestation, it’s important to take action to prevent further damage to your property. Contact a professional pest control company like AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa for Tampa Bay’s most effective squirrel control methods. They can help you set traps, remove squirrels, and prevent them from returning. Remember, it’s important to address squirrel infestations as soon as possible to prevent them from causing more damage.

Roof Fire caused by squirrels chewing on electrical wires in Cheval

Squirrel Removal Services in Cheval, FL

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Cheval, FL, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with a squirrel infestation. Squirrels can cause significant damage to your property and pose health risks to you and your family. That’s where AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa comes in, offering professional squirrel removal services to help you regain control of your property.

Our four-step process ensures that we address every aspect of the squirrel problem, providing a comprehensive solution that will leave you worry-free. Here’s what our process looks like:

A. Inspection: The first step in our process is a thorough inspection of your property. We’ll identify where the squirrels are entering your property and evaluate the extent of the damage. We use our knowledge of squirrel behavior and habits to locate all potential entry points, including attics, crawl spaces, and other areas that squirrels might use to access your property.

B. Exclusion: Once we’ve identified all potential entry points, we’ll seal them off to prevent further access by squirrels. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that squirrels won’t be able to re-enter your property. We’ll also remove any debris or other materials that may be providing shelter for squirrels.

C. Trapping: If squirrels are already on your property, we’ll use traps to capture and remove them. We use humane and effective trapping methods that minimize stress on the squirrels and maximize their safety. 

D. Cleanup and Repair: After the squirrels have been removed, we’ll thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected areas. We use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to eliminate any odors or stains left behind by the squirrels. We’ll also repair any damage caused by the squirrels, including damage to insulation, wiring, and other materials. We’ll leave your property looking and smelling fresh and clean.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa, we’re committed to providing all our customers with the best squirrel control services available in Cheval, FL. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get started on solving your squirrel problem.

Before and After photos of wildlife damage repair in Cheval

Preventing Squirrel Infestations

If you’re facing problems with squirrels invading your home or business, it’s important to take steps to prevent them from getting inside in the first place. Squirrels are agile and determined creatures, so it’s important to be thorough in your approach to squirrel prevention. Here are some of the best steps you can take to prevent squirrel infestations.

Seal Entry Points: One of the most important steps in preventing squirrels from entering your buildings is to seal all potential entry points. Squirrels can squeeze through small openings, so it’s important to inspect your property carefully for any gaps, holes or cracks in the exterior walls or roof. Use weatherstripping or caulking to seal any openings you find. Also, check windows, doors and vents to ensure they are properly sealed.

Trim Branches: Squirrels are skilled climbers and can easily jump from tree branches to your roof. Trim any overhanging branches that could provide easy access to your building. Be sure to keep trees trimmed back from your roof, and prune any branches that could provide access to your attic.

Store Food Properly: Squirrels are attracted to food sources, so it’s important to keep all food securely stored. Keep food in airtight containers and store it in a pantry or cabinet. This will help prevent squirrels from being attracted to your home or business.

Keep Your Yard Clean: Squirrels are attracted to clutter and debris in your yard, so it’s important to keep it clean and well-maintained. Remove any dead leaves, branches, or debris that could provide cover or shelter for wildlife.

Use Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders: Bird feeders can be a great source of food for squirrels, so it’s important to use squirrel-proof bird feeders to keep them away. These feeders have special designs that prevent squirrels from accessing the food.

Install Barriers: Barriers can be used to keep squirrels away from your property. For example, you could install wire mesh or fencing around your garden or other areas of your yard. This will prevent squirrels from accessing these areas.

Wrap a Tree with Aluminum Flashing: Squirrels can climb trees and access wires or buildings from there. To prevent squirrels from climbing trees and accessing wires, you can wrap a sheet of aluminum flashing around the trunk of the tree. This will make it difficult for squirrels to climb the tree and access your building.

Install Metal Collars around Poles and Wires: Squirrels can also climb poles and wires, so it’s important to install metal collars around them. This will prevent squirrels from climbing up and accessing your building or wires.

Use Repellents: Squirrel repellents can be an effective way to keep squirrels away from your property. Some repellents emit a strong odor that squirrels find unpleasant, while others use a combination of sound and light to deter them. However, keep in mind that these repellents may not be 100% effective and should be used in combination with other squirrel prevention techniques.

Call a Professional: If you’re experiencing persistent squirrel problems despite taking these prevention steps, it’s important to call a wildlife control professional like AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa. They have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively remove squirrels from your property. In addition, they can also help you implement a comprehensive squirrel prevention process to keep squirrels from coming back.

Bait Stations vs Seal Ups

When it comes to squirrel pest control in Tampa’s Cheval area and beyond, there are two main strategies: bait stations and seal ups. While both can be effective in their own ways, seal ups are the superior strategy for long-term pest prevention.

Bait stations only address existing pests and do not prevent future infestations. They work by using attractive baits to lure squirrels into a trap where they can be safely removed. However, this method does not address the root cause of the problem – how squirrels are getting into your property in the first place.

On the other hand, seal ups focus on preventing pests from entering your property by identifying and sealing off potential entry points. This is done by conducting a thorough inspection of your house or business, including attics and other areas that may provide access points for squirrels. Once identified, these areas are sealed up to prevent any further intrusion.

Seal ups are more environmentally friendly than bait stations since they do not use any harmful chemicals or toxins that could potentially harm wildlife or humans. Additionally, they provide better insulation for your property which can help reduce energy costs and make your home or business more comfortable year-round.

While bait stations may seem like a cheaper option upfront, seal ups offer long-term cost savings since they only need to be done once (with occasional touch-ups). This means you won’t have to constantly spend money on bait stations or other temporary solutions that don’t truly solve the problem.

If you need help with squirrel removal in Florida, specifically in Tarpon Springs or surrounding areas, consider investing in a seal up strategy for your property. Not only will it provide long-lasting results but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your property is fully protected from unwanted intruders.

Exterior damage caused by squirrels in Cheval

Why Choose Us

When it comes to squirrel pest control, there are many options available. However, it can be challenging to find a company that can provide effective and long-lasting solutions. That’s why you should choose AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa for all your squirrel removal needs.

Expertise and Experience

Our company has over a decade of experience in providing wildlife removal services to the residents of Tampa Bay. We have encountered various types of squirrel pest problems, and we know how to deal with them effectively. Our skilled workers/technicians are trained and equipped with up-to-date equipment to provide you with the best possible service.

Family-Owned and Community Involvement

AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa is a family-owned business that prides itself on serving the community. We understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in your home or business, and we strive to provide that feeling for our customers. Our community involvement reflects our dedication to the people and the environment around us. We believe in giving back to our community and being a responsible member of it.

Reliability and Fast-Response

We understand that dealing with critters in your home or business can be a stressful experience. That’s why we offer fast-response times to attend to your squirrel pest problems. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide timely service to minimize the damage that squirrels can cause to your property. You can count on us to be reliable and available when you need us the most.

Fair Pricing and Transparency

We believe in fair pricing for our services, and we strive to be transparent in all our dealings. We offer a warranty for all our products and treatments, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money. Our communication is clear and straightforward, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Areas Served

If you are dealing with a squirrel infestation in the Cheval, Florida areas, AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa is here to help. We understand how frustrating it can be to have these pesky rodents invade your house or property, causing damage and posing health risks to you and your family. Our team of experts is trained to handle squirrel removal in the most humane and efficient way possible.

Our services are available in a wide range of locations within the Cheval, Florida area, including Cheval East, Heritage Harbor, Lake Fern Villas, Calusa, Lake Carlton Arms, St. Joseph’s Hospital North, The Club at Cheval, and Heritage Harbor Club House. If you are located near Sunlake Blvd, Grace Family Church, or Lake Carlton, we can also provide our professional assistance.

We understand that squirrels can be quite persistent and resourceful when it comes to finding their way into your home or business. That is why we use the latest techniques and tools to locate and remove squirrels from attics, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. Our team is also trained to repair any damage caused by the squirrels and to implement measures to prevent future infestations.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa, we are committed to providing top-quality services to our customers. If you are in need of squirrel removal in the Cheval, Florida area, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also serve other nearby locations, such as Tampa’s surrounding areas and Tarpon Springs.

Don’t let a squirrel infestation take over your property. Call us today for professional and effective squirrel removal services in your location.

Before and After photos of wildlife damage repair in Cheval

Other Services in Cheval

Aside from squirrel removal, AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa also offers a variety of pest control services. They specialize in the removal and control of raccoons, rats, bats, rodents, snakes, opossums, mice, birds, armadillos, beavers, coyotes, foxes, skunks, alligators, bobcats, chipmunks, minks moles muskrats porcupines and more.

Their team of experts is equipped to handle any kind of animal infestation or intrusion. They use humane methods to remove animals from homes and businesses while ensuring the safety of both people and animals.

AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa also provides rodent control services to prevent future infestations. Their rodent removal techniques are effective in eliminating rats and mice from homes and businesses.

If you have a snake problem in your property or business premises they can help with snake removal. They also offer raccoon control services for those who experience raccoon problems.

The company’s experienced professionals provide bat control services as well as bird control solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. They also offer termite treatment options for those experiencing termite problems.

AAAC Wildlife Removal Tampa provides comprehensive pest control solutions that cater to all kinds of infestations including bed bugs and insect problems. Contact them today for reliable and efficient pest control services!

If you need help with Wildlife Damage Repair and Attic Restoration, give us a call!

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