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It may be strange to think of small birds such as pigeons, starlings, swallows and sparrows as being capable of causing extensive structural damage, but their poop is actually highly corrosive. Because they can fly virtually anywhere, and they like to perch and build nests in the hardest to reach spots, many species of birds are a force to be reckoned with as well as a nightmare for homeowners and businesses. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your birds, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Bird control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in the area. Call now for a consultation!

A group of birds in an open area
Birds can find easy entry to your home through unprotected vents

Professional Bird Control

Bird control in the state of Florida is a problem that’s growing in severity. With the continuous urban expansion, birds are running out of natural nesting areas, leading them to search for other places to nest.

If you take a quick look at surrounding buildings, it’s easy to see several nesting places that birds can use. Decks, cell phone towers, substations, vents, and even your attic may be suitable places for them to set up a nest.

Fortunately, we can solve this bird problem in your stead. Our professional company serving in Tampa, Florida, will provide any customer with a detailed estimate for bird pest control services. 

Pest Control Services in Tampa, FL

Are you looking for a service that specializes in bird control? Tampa residents have many options to choose from. If you want the best control service that handles birds around, get in touch with our team immediately.

We serve the residents of Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas, such as St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and other Florida Gulf Coast cities. Our bird removal services are second to none. Give us a phone call and have a quick response along with a detailed quote in advance for your pest control issues.

Whether you’re a home or a business owner, we are available to help and give our best service. Our pest control company works with up-to-date bird removal and control solutions that can match both your budget and your needs.

Common Wildlife Pests in Tampa

Feral Pigeon

Feral pigeons, also known as city doves or city pigeons, are one of the most common bird species you can find. Not just in Tampa, but across the United States. Ever since they were introduced to America, their population has exponentially increased. Pigeons have some predators, like the duck hawk, but they aren’t enough to quell the pest control problem that pigeons represent.

Pigeons live comfortably near people and eat every crumb of trash or bug they can find. If you put aside the problem that these birds present, you may notice that they are quite remarkable. They are significantly intelligent and can fly at an average of 50 miles per hour, with some occasional speed bursts.

Pigeons are among the few bird species that feed their hatchlings milk. They also were exceptional messengers in the last millennia. Unfortunately, due to their massive population, pest control has become necessary to handle these nuisance pests.

They host several bugs that may pose a health risk to you, and their feces carry diseases like salmonella and cryptococcosis. If you are a business owner in Florida that provides an outdoor service, dealing with these wildlife pigeons ahead of time may likely be of interest to you.

European Starling

European Starlings are another major bird species in the United States requiring pest control to take care of them effectively. These birds are aggressive and territorial, and they have killed or displaced many native songbirds. They are much like pigeons, they eat almost everything;  but they prefer bugs, insects, and other invertebrates.

These birds travel in large flocks that may overwhelm airports, parking lots, parks, farms, and even your home. They like to build their nests in drainage pipes and gutters,  they also like to settle in attics, vents, and HVAC system ductwork.

If they inhabit these places they can cause problems such as water backups resulting in severe water damage, fire hazards, and lower air quality. Obviously, they can cause some property damage if they settle in your attic.

The European Starling is quite aggressive, this is why it’s a good idea to hire a bird removal and exclusion service. If you’re living in Tampa, or the surrounding area, control services for birds are easy to find.  Our company operates in your location, and we guarantee our customers the best services available.

House Sparrow

The house sparrow is another non-native bird that frequently causes issues for people. Historians generally disagree on when this species was first introduced into the United States. The most common theory is that they were brought from England around 1852  in order to control pests such as the linden moth.

Since then, these animals have become unwelcome guests in our country, especially in Tampa. Bird removal methods are more than necessary as the House Sparrow frequently ventures into buildings, warehouses, and food processing plants. They can even go inside your home’s attic (hence the name) or any niche they find.

These birds build their nests inside these facilities and often drop their feces in the property, potentially contaminating any goods currently present in them, spreading disease, and creating a hazardous environment.

House Sparrows like to make large nests in small areas like shutters, drainage pipes, and metal siding. When they build in these places, just like the European Starling, it may cause roof damage, water backups, and it presents a fire risk to your home or property due to the nesting materials the birds use.

Problems Caused by Birds Wildlife Nesting

Nesting birds can cause many more problems than you might imagine. Feathers and nesting materials can clog pipes and gutters, causing significant water damage.

If they build nests near the dryer, bathroom fan, or stove vents, it can restrict airflow, build up lint, and increase fire risk. When a nest is built inside an attic, damage to your home’s insulation is likely. For these reasons and more, companies are often called to control bird wildlife.

Fortunately, there are several wildlife control solutions to choose from. However, it is always best to seek out a professional company such as ours.

Tampa Bird Control Solutions

If you are dealing with pigeons, there are several bird control options that companies in Florida use to deal with the problem. Every situation is unique. A combination of methods may be necessary to entirely remove the birds from your property and keep them at bay.

Try to identify the birds occupying your building before taking any action, as the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty prohibits killing, capturing, trading, or selling migratory birds. Non-native pigeons like the ones mentioned previously are exempt from the ruling.

Still, hiring wildlife control companies is the safest course of action. The bird control Tampa team of AAAC Wildlife Removal can provide an estimate and has the tools and experience to remove birds efficiently and prevent them from returning to your home.

Audio and Visual Deterrents

Audio and visual deterrent products rely on the sense of hearing and sight of the birds to keep them from nesting, roosting, or coming around the area. A scarecrow is an example of a visual deterrent. Hanging CDs from trees is another visual method to deter birds as they might perceive the flashes of light coming from them as unnatural.

Audio deterrents emit a distress signal tailored to a bird species, however, you shouldn’t leave them on indefinitely. Their effectiveness hinges on birds relating the signal to the behavior you wish the birds to stop doing, such as getting inside your attic to nest or perching on your roofline.

Advanced audio deterrents allow you to change the sound regularly, to avoid the birds getting accustomed to it. When a bird hears the same sound repeatedly, they can learn to ignore it once they realize it isn’t real.

Physical Deterrents

It may be necessary to implement a more permanent solution in commercial buildings, such as bird deterrent metal spikes. We can install these spikes on the places these animals tend to land on, like rooftop edges and window sills.

These bird spikes leave no space for them to land, impeding them from getting too comfortable and building a nest. It’s potentially an effective long-term bird control measure, but it might seem unsightly to you or your neighbors.

If this aspect concerns you, another wildlife control treatment we can utilize is bird deterrent gels. With this gel, you can apply a sticky adhesive to your buildings’ roofline or ledge.

Birds find the gel-covered surface uncomfortable, prompting them to leave after a short period. After some time, they learn to avoid places covered in gel.

Lastly, bird netting is another typical yet effective bird control method. The size of the mesh mainly depends on the bird’s species. When set up correctly by AAAC Wildlife Removal in a balcony, garage, barn, attic, etc., problematic birds may finally be effectively controlled.

Chemical Repellents For Bird Removal

There are a couple of chemical sprays registered by the EPA that effectively repel non-migratory bird species. These repellents aren’t harmful to wildlife, they just encourage the birds to move somewhere else.

Some products require direct contact, while others leave a sticky substance behind, discouraging birds looking to nest in the area. If you use chemical repellents for bird control, it would be great to pair it with another control measure. Never apply chemical repellents without supervision by a skilled bird control specialist (like the experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal)

Preventing Wildlife Problem

Wildlife like birds can cause problems to both small and large enterprises, as well as to regular households. The best way to prevent them from becoming a nuisance, or taking up residence in or around your property, is to proactively implement some of the previously mentioned measures and keep the area outside of your property clean.

The Best Tampa Pest Control Solutions Company

It’s challenging to choose a company to help you deal with pest control. Tampa residents, in particular, have too many options available. Florida is a hotspot for many nuisance critters. Regardless, if you’re looking for a service to handle and control bird problems in Tampa, you’re in luck.

We are serving Tampa, FL and other west coast cities surrounding the bay, such as St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor, we can solve any bird-related pest control problem. Call our professional team and you will receive an immediate response from our crew and a detailed cost estimate.

When you hire us, we can schedule an appointment for an inspection the next day or the very same day. We also offer emergency pest control services at all hours. Every control service we provide is affordable and entirely safe for children and pets, we pride ourselves in being the most humane in the business.

We are the best bird control service in Tampa, FL. Our knowledgeable crew does a great job getting rid of wildlife, such as pest birds, and constantly strives to do better and improve our customers’ satisfaction.

Give us a call, get a detailed quote, and let us take care of the pigeons plaguing your home’s attic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often call us to ask questions about our wildlife control service or any other matter related to problematic birds, or wildlife. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can Animal Control Get Rid of Birds?

Animal control agents only deal with any problem related to domestic animals like dogs and cats. If you want to get rid of birds, it’s necessary to contact a wildlife control service, such as AAAC Wildlife Removal.

How Much Does Bird Control Cost?

Bird control costs depend on the structure’s size and how many areas you need bird exclusion done. Give our professional team a call and provide us with the relevant details to get a detailed quote.

How Do You Get Rid of Pigeons?

You can implement some of the mentioned audio, visual, physical, or chemical deterrent methods to repel and remove the birds from your property (as long as they aren’t a protected species.)

We highly recommend you to contact AAAC Wildlife Removal for bird and pest control services around Tampa, FL or its surrounding west coast cities such as St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater. Our bird wildlife removal company can get rid of the pigeons for you. We have excellent customer reviews, and we continually work to keep it that way.

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