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Bat Removal in Tampa

Bats can cause real destruction to your house, attic and insulation. Once they move inside, they tend to leave a HUGE mess of toxic guano that can place your family's health at risk. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your bats, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Bat control and removal must start as soon as you discover them hanging around. Call now for a consultation!

bats in a space between boards
Bats found in an attic in Tampa

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tampa is a family-owned and operated company. We have over 20 years of experience in the wildlife removal business. For over a decade, have been providing humane wildlife control services to residential homes and businesses throughout Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, and Sarasota County. We are fully licensed by the state with a Wildlife Control License.

As always we ensure the humane and proper treatment of all nuisance animals, especially the ones leaving guano in Tampa Florida attics

bat guano in an attic


Bat droppings

So you live in a place with the perfect habitat for bats. It may not be long until your attic is infested by these little mammals. Let’s talk about what they bring into our homes: bat droppings. You might not even notice it up there on your ceiling or floorboards at first because of how small their poop pellets are. The most dangerous aspect though? Bat guano can be quite toxic. Guano removal must be a top priority.

Bat Exclusion: the best form of Bat Control in Tampa, FL

Bat exclusion is a measure to exclude bats from roosting and nesting sites. You don’t want those baby bats thinking of your attic as their home. Bats found in attics often leave around dusk and try to return close to dawn. They do this because they need to be active at night in order to feed on insects. Bat exclusion works so well because it prevents your bats from returning to your home in the morning. They can get out but not even a single bat cannot get back in. It is the smartest and most humane form of bat removal.

bat being held in front of a wildlife removal truck

The process for bat removal work

Here’s how we handle a bat jobs:

  • Spend a LOT of time identifying each bat entry point into your home
  • Seal all but one of the entry points and small openings
  • Place a one way door at the single exit
  • Validate that we’ve excluded all of the bats in your attic
  • Conduct an attic cleanup and removal all of the harmful bat droppings using the proper safety equipment
  • Change insulation (if needed)
  • Fix any interior or outdoor damage

Bats are important to have in any ecosystem. But if you don’t want them roosting in your attic, give us a call at 813-563-9453 or click here! We are the experts at bat exclusion and control of these flying mammals. Our Tampa wildlife removal specialists can get rid of bats from your home permanently so that you don’t have to worry about them returning. 

Bat On The Ground

If you see a bat on the ground – leave it be! Bats should never be handled by humans, even if they seem healthy and you think that you can identify them. If you find a bat on the ground and think that it may need help, call your local Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation office. They are experts in identifying bats and can tell you if a bat needs to be rescued or is ill. You may also contact us at 813-563-9453 for further assistance!

bats in an attic vent

The cost of Tampa Bat Removal

Bat removal in Tampa, FL tend to range from around $400 for a simple job, and go up to $5,000+ for bigger jobs that require attic clean outs and re-insulation. Here is more in-depth breakdown of the costs:

  • There is generally a (~ $200) evaluation charge, but that is usually attributed toward the removal expense
  • The typical price of a modest bat removal for a home or office building in Tampa alone runs around $400+, usually in a range of $250– $650
  • Controlling a small to moderate sized bat infestation costs somewhere around $300– $8,000 for bat colony removal and exclusion in Tampa
  • Attic bat guano cleanup and re insulation can add another $600– $8,000, depending upon the extent of the damage and dimension of the house

If you’re googling “Cost Bat Removal Services in Tampa, Florida”, you might be a little concerned about how much it will cost you to have Tampa bat removal professionals solve your bat problem. But don’t worry… we’ve got this! Trust us to give you the honest answer about the price of bat control. We’ve seen our share of bat problems, and we know how to give an accurate estimate right from the start.

Bat species in Florida

Here’s a list of bat species found in Florida:

  • Tricolored bat
  • Evening bat
  • Rafinesque’s big-eared bat
  • Gray myotis
  • Northern yellow bat
  • Seminole bat
  • Big brown bat
  • Brazilian free-tailed bat
  • Eastern red bat
  • Florida bonneted bat
  • Hoary bat
  • Velvety free-tailed bat
  • Southeastern myotis

If you’ve got a bat problem, it is probably related to one of the above bats.

For many people, bats are considered an enemy. However, they’re not the enemy! Tampa bats eat the insects that humans don’t want to see around – and if you ever happen upon one of these winged mammals hanging out in your yard at night just be reassured: he’s probably looking for dinner nearby with no intention of living inside your home. In fact there might even be some advantages (like less bug bites) associated with having a bat swoop through once every so often after dusk.

As the heat of summer flares, many people will find bats seeking refuge in their homes. These animals are excellent at finding those tiny spaces and openings to squeeze through while looking for comfortable places to sleep during the day.

Dealing with a bat infestation in Tampa

AAAC Wildlife Removal pros will save the day with our bat removal services. We remove bats like its our job (which it is!). We’ll tidy up the mess, and fix the damage. Bat control must begin as soon as you discover them hanging around your home.

Bats are often seen as friendly, but they have the potential to pose a serious health threat. Their droppings may contain fungi that can cause lung infections in some cases! If you find bats nesting on your property and want them gone ASAP, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tampa at 813-563-9453 so we can inspect within 24 hours.

bat guano attic cleanout and re-insulation before and after

Attic Restoration

A bat colony can cause all kinds of damage to your attic, mainly through their droppings. Your insulation will need to be changed, and the wood can become rotted if not replaced. You will need a team to come in and do the following

  1. Use protective equipment to conduct guano removal.
  2. Collect and removal any soiled insulation inside the building
  3. Bat proof the structure
  4. Use chemicals to decontaminate the entire area, inside and out to prevent the spread of disease.
  5. Repair any damage to the frame or structure of your Tampa FL home
  6. Lay down new insulation to restore your attic to like new condition!

Does Animal Control kill bats?

Tampa Animal control won’t kill bats, they are federally protected in the United States. Animal Control usually refers bat infestations to nuisance wildlife removal companies that offer solutions for removing these animals from your home or property so you don’t have to deal with them on your own!

What kinds of diseases are caused by bats?

People are most likely to contract diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis when they come into contact with bats. Some of the riskiest situations include working in a cave where bat guano accumulates, or eating crops that have been contaminated by grub worms who were feeding off fecal droppings from infected animals.

People should be careful not to get too close to any animal; there is always a chance you might catch something if it bites you, scratches you, or transmits through its saliva. What poses the greatest risks? Rabid bats carry more potential than other mammals because their bite wounds can transmit disease-carrying saliva directly into your blood stream!

Histoplasmosis spores found in large numbers on bat feces pose dangers for seniors and young children, anyone with a serious respiratory illness or immune disease and pregnant women.

We will make sure to take all precautions necessary for your safety when working directly in bat guano or removing bats from an attic by wearing gloves, masks, and face shields. We carry proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whenever we come inside your Tampa home to remove bats.

Are bats be protected in Florida?

Yes! Bats are protected by the United States Federal Government and were added to the endangered species list.

There are a great amount of bats that reside here, but they are becoming more scarce due to many diseases, fungus, predators, pesticides, environmental hazards and human development.

In just an hour, one bat can eat over 1,000 mosquitos. It would be a dark day if we got rid of all of our bats. Bats are the second most common mammal (after rodents), and consist of 20% of the Earth’s mammal population.

Bats are a vital part of the environment in the state of Florida, especially in areas such as Florida’s parks and wildlife parks.

Wildlife Removal Services in Tampa

Tampa Florida is a hot spot for wildlife. These are the most common wildlife problems in the area. The area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including a large number of wildlife species. The Tampa area has a wide range of wildlife problems, such as deer, birds and coyotes.

Keep in mind, we also are happy to help you with other wild animals and related challenges in Tampa, not just bat removal. We are skilled in jobs like: raccoon removal, skunk removal, Tampa squirrel removal services, bird removal, dead animal removal, rat control, wildlife control, snake removal & other wildlife pest removal concerns. We even handle dead animal infestations. No animal species (except for domestic animals and alligators) are off limits!

We are the premier wildlife removal company in the Tampa Florida area. Our animal removal skills are tried and tested, and we’re confident to say we are Florida wildlife control experts. We take pride in our extremely professional staff. If you are in need of wildlife control services, don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

Learn More about Bats:

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