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Raccoon Removal in Tampa

If you are currently dealing with a raccoon problem in your house or business in Tampa, FL, you know how frustrating and stressful it can be. Raccoons are known to cause damage to homes and businesses, including chewing on wires and making holes in walls, ceilings, and roofs. They are also notorious for getting into pet food and anything else they can find. These pesky animals can be very difficult to remove without professional help, and their presence can pose a threat to the health and safety of you and your family.

raccoons on a deck looking to cause trouble
Three raccoons on a deck looking to cause trouble

Raccoon Removal Tampa

You may have heard some sound at night in your ceiling or attic. Or maybe you spotted your rubbish thrown throughout the lawn at dawn. If it wasn’t already clear, I would wager really good money that you’ve got a happy little raccoon family residing with you.

You might assume they are cute with their little outlaw masks and adorable waddles. Sadly, raccoons are as smart and pioneering as they are untidy and impolite. They understand a good home when they see one and will constantly come back unless you take every action possible to help keep them out.

A Raccoon’s markings may help it see in bright light.

raccoon in the ceiling looking through a light socket

Raccoon in the attic

They are destructive and sneaky, but they can be dealt with if you know how. Raccoons like to live in attics during the winter time because it’s warm up there from all of the heat that is pumped out by your furnace. They also enjoy ripping apart plumbing systems which leads them into trouble since they don’t have hands so they use their teeth as tools for everything! If a male finds another coon on his turf, he will become very angry and try to destroy any other males or juveniles he finds in his territory.

baby raccoon grinning at camera

Raccoon Biology

Spring is the prime period for young kits to be born. A female raccoon can rear several litters of kits per year.

On average there are 3-5 young in the litter, this number can increase depending on the time of year. The kits will be born blind and helpless. Mama raccoon’s primary source of food for her young is insects and grubs found in soil and under rocks. As the babies get older they will start to venture out and gain some necessary independence.

An adult raccoon is a big animal with sharp teeth and claws which they use for climbing, fighting and to get food. 

They can weigh between 15-30 pounds but are quite nimble and dextrous. A raccoon has very dexterous paws allowing it to pick up objects with ease such as human garbage cans. They can live for up to 20 years in captivity, but only a few years in the wild.

Raccoons and Humans

As raccoons are naturally curious by nature they will investigate new objects, places or animals they come across. This can lead them to your home and this is where problem begin. Raccoon removal from Tampa houses should be done at an early stage before problems occur such as an attic infestation or entry though a pet door. Raccoons are one of the few wild animal species that have adapted and learned to live close to man. This can be very dangerous as they have few natural enemies (like big cats and coyotes), this has led to an increase in their numbers making them more common in suburban areas around Tampa Florida .

frustrated raccoon in a trap

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Tampa, FL

Here are the steps we use to get raccoons out of your attic:

  1. Do a thorough inspection of your attic. The raccoon will most likely be in a corner, nook, behind a wall, or relaxing in the roof soffit intersection.
  2. Set traps and bait them with something like peanut butter, meat scraps or marshmallows.
  3. Once the animal is caught, remove it from your attic.
  4. Seal up any holes and cracks.
  5. Repeat the inspection process, and leave your traps set for a couple of days more to make sure you have removed every raccoon from your attic.
  6. Clean the attic (Remove waste and change out insulation if required)
  7. Fix any damage done to the interior and exterior.

It’s often a good strategy to get rid of your raccoon problems through raccoon trapping, ideally through making use of a certified trapping and wildlife control service. We are thoroughly licensed and certified by the state. Don’t simply head to the hardware store and start trapping raccoons with whatever you put in your palm.

We make sure to make use of humane traps, since the last thing you want is the smell of a dead raccoon floating down from the attic.

Humane traps generally come in two forms

  • One way trap doors
  • Two way trap doors

One way traps do a good job, but you can increase your odds of catching something by running with two-way doors. You want to bait your trap with food though – pet food is usually the best choice and it’s easy to find at any grocery store (though marshmallows are also tempting). The critter will be more likely to fall for these than anything else because they’re naturally attracted towards sweet things like this!

raccoon damage to a hole used an attic entry point

Wildlife Removal in your Attic

The last thing you should ever do do when trying to perform Tampa raccoon removal is use a pest control service that will poison the raccoons! This is a very bad idea! Poisoning animals in your house brings a number of risks, chief among them being that you’ve now got a hazardous substance in your home. These animals move stealthily through your home and can track the poison with them, placing your family and household pets in jeopardy.

Many poisons will make a raccoon desperate for water, which might result in them damaging plumbing in order to get a drink. If you do not like seeing water spots on your ceiling, take into consideration a different removal style. If your pest control professional plans to poison the raccoon in your attic, give us a call!

A raccoon does not understand how to visit the commode. So, a whole family with kits living in the attic will leave droppings up there and definitely destroy your insulation. These droppings can be polluted with raccoon roundworm and provide a substantial health hazard to any person handling them.

Raccoon roundworm is a frequently lethal disease and consistently influences kids the most if they manage to consume the droppings while in the yard.

Service Area

We are proud offer wildlife control services to the communities in Port Richey, Spring Hill, Pinellas Park, Winter Garden, Florida Ave, Saint Petersburg, Palm harbor, Pasco County, Pinellas County, Sarasota County, Plant City, Tarpon Springs, and the greater Tampa Bay Area.

We are proud to offer:

So, if you have a pest problem of any kind, including: a wildlife problem, animal problems, rat problems, or squirrel problems; don’t bother calling any of the other pest control companies. Call a provider who specializes in nuisance wildlife problems.

Keep in mind that Hillsborough County animal services does not handle raccoon calls. If you find yourself in need, we are more than happy to help you with our Tampa wildlife control services.

raccoon feces in an attic

Animal Removal, Attic Cleanup and Re-insulation

Nothing says safety, security, and comfort to a wild raccoon family like your attic. Keep in mind, a raccoon is a wild animal that tries to find comfy, completely dry areas to keep its young secure. However, when they move in, they do not like to go outdoors to eliminate waste, so they pollute the space with hazardous droppings.

As part of your control program, it’s vital to have qualified specialists come and clean up the mess after the raccoon removal is finished. It’s likely that the raccoons have damaged or spoiled the insulation, and it will need to be replaced.

wildlife damage on a roof juncture, before and after repair

Raccoon Damage Repair, and Entry Point Seal-up

Once our professional team removes a raccoon, we make certain that no more unwanted house guests can get in. A solid netting solution, chimney cap, or various other barriers will keep this problem from occurring again.

Our friendly AAAC Wildlife Removal specialists of Tampa are qualified to make damage repairs and secure these access points so you do not have to fret about your hairy friends making a repeat visit!

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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