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Do you have a wild critter stirring up trouble? Don’t panic! We can help! Tampa homeowners and Hillsborough County residents count on us to keep their houses safe and disease-free by controlling animals and keeping wildlife out. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tampa can handle your problem by removing unwanted critters! Call us today!

Please Note: We do not handle Cats, Dogs, or Alligators. For Cats and Dogs, please call Tampa Wildlife Pest Control. For Alligators, please call the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program

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If it slithers or crawls, bites or stings, call us for all your things!

Nuisance Animal Removal and Pest Control from Attics

Your attic is a magnet for nuisance animal problems. Many critters (including raccoons, mice, rats, bats, birds, and squirrels) look for a stable Tampa home to raise a family in. This would mean that they may end up in your chimney or attic. In addition to staying rent free, nuisance wildlife also tear open your roof, damage your soffits and eaves, and contaminate your home with toxic droppings. You can rely on AAAC Wildlife Removal to help you with all of your wild animal pest control needs.


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For all types of wildlife: both inside your home and out in your yard, our team uses the latest cutting-edge removal and pest control techniques. We utilize the most humane animal pest removal methods and follow all Hillsborough County and Florida State Laws regarding the trapping and removing of nuisance animals.

two raccoons in a trap

Raccoon Removal

A raccoon in the attic may cause all kinds of damage in your Tampa FL home. They love to chew electrical wiring as well as damage the roof, fascia boards, and soffits in order to widen entry holes. It is common for them to live in sheds, hot tubs, and outbuildings. Raccoons local to Hillsborough County do not respond to the repellents, so do not waste your time. Much like an Opossum, if there is shelter, a raccoon will seek it! If you notice these bandits lurking around, call us to talk about raccoon removal, raccoon trapping, nuisance animal removal, or other pest problems.

Hillsborough County’s raccoons are known for their mischief-loving ways, so be vigilant! If you spot one, keep an eye on them. They will seek shelter anywhere they can find it. Your porch or shed roof is a good place to start looking. These masked intruders and other nuisance wildlife can cause damage to roofs made of wood, or make holes in barns, hot tubs, and outbuildings if they aren’t controlled. This might ruin roofs that are made from wood since raccoon teeth easily chew through tough material.

Visit our raccoon removal service page to learn more!

young squirrels in a nest inside an attic

Squirrel Removal

Florida squirrels and other nuisance wildlife use your Tampa FL attic as a playground. They love nothing more than to have a nice dry place to get out of the weather and romp around like puppies under your roof or in your chimney and fireplace. Squirrels usually make nests in trees, so they are protected from predators and rival squirrels. But your attic is the best nest they could ever dream of! This is where all of your squirrel problems start.

If squirrels weren’t messing about and leaving droppings, they probably wouldn’t bother you so much. But, the biggest danger that squirrels pose is that they chew on electrical wires that run through your attic and walls. Frayed wires set fires, as we like to say. There’s no need to burn your house down because some squirrels decided to move in.

If you need help with a squirrel trapping project or any wildlife control services, give us a call! We are happy to share our vast knowledge of squirrel removal information.

bat being held in front of a wildlife removal truck

Bat Removal

Tampa FL bats can be gotten rid of naturally through a method of wildlife control called exclusion. Instead of trying to lure a bat into a trap, the smartest thing to do is force it to leave (which they will do at night to go hunt) and never let it back in! Sound crazy?

When a client in Hillsborough county calls us about a bat removal problem, the first thing we do is inspect the space to find out how the bats got in. Once we identify the entry holes that they used to invade your attic, we set up one-way doors at those entry points. This way, once your bats go out hunting at night, they are unable to get back in.

Once your bats have left, it’s important to seal any entry holes so those pests won’t be able to return.

The attic will probably need to be cleaned out and you’ll have to make some cosmetic repairs. Luckily, we specialize in Florida wildlife damage repair services for Tampa FL homes. We are proud to provide bat control for Tampa FL residents.

rodent stuck in a live trap

Rodent Removal & Rat Control

The worst nightmare of Huston homeowners is to see a rat running loose in their house. Ew! Despite their minuscule size, rats and mice can wiggle into almost any crack within a Florida home or business. Rodent droppings are huge cause for concern as well! It’s the first sing you have rat problems. It’s time to look for pest control solutions

Most Tampa FL area contractors aren’t thinking long-term about keeping rats out of homes during construction or remodels. Therefore, any work you have carried out on your home may have created an entry point for rats and mice.

A rodent infestation is a huge problem that needs immediate rodent control and should not be taken lightly. They will cause property damage by chewing up your wiring and pipes. This greatly increases your risk of fire and water damage. Be careful with exterminators who use poison as their primary weapon. Poison is often used to dehydrate rodents, which makes them more likely to destroy water lines when they are in search of fresh water.

They are also a huge health risk due to the toxic droppings they leave everywhere, and because of the diseases that they can transmit through their bite. As soon as you see a rodent in your Hillsborough County home, schedule an inspection and we’ll go over rodent control options.

pigeons trapped on a roof

Pigeon and Bird Control

At first glance, you may think a pigeon is just a harmless bird looking for food. The reality is that it is a pest problem waiting to happen. Pigeons may find your Tampa FL property comfortable, so they won’t leave on their own. That’s why our Tampa FL pigeon control service offers a full-proof bird removal. All of our methods are conducted using humane practices that are safe for the pigeons and safe to you and your property. In Tampa FL, we provide bird pest control solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

copperhead snake in a pincer

Snake Removal

Although every single snake can be a pest, snakes with venom are much more dangerous than their non-venomous counterparts. Deadly venomous snakes require professional control and removal in Tampa.

With that being said, aside from being a nuisance, most non-venomous snakes in Tampa, FL are harmless. Nevertheless, you should still call our company to have a technician identify the snake and make sure it is safe. You can also find helpful tips from our website on how to prevent snakes from nesting on your property.

Everyone on our team has snake expertise. The team with years of experience dealing with pest removal and rattlesnake control. Feel free to call for their expertise in keeping your home and yard safe. Have a look at our snake removal service page for more information

wildlife damage on a roof juncture, before and after repair

Tampa Wildlife Control Damage Repair & Re-Entry

Controlling your critters is only half the battle in resolving your pest problem. A proper Tampa Wildlife Control solution requires someone who will seal all entry points for pests causing damage and who will repair any damage caused by these furry creatures while tearing up wooden panels, soffits, and eaves. If you need any repair work for your home, your attic, lawn, or yard, our wildlife control and removal team is capable of solving the problem.

man restoring an attic in tampa

Attic Restoration and Insulation Services

It is not unusual for critters living upstairs in your Florida attic to make a mess that they bother cleaning up. The accumulation of animal waste like bat guano in an attic is dangerous to your health! Without special equipment or training, don’t try to get rid of the waste on your own. Get the pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tampa in there for an estimate on what it will take to safely decontaminate your attic and replace your damaged or trashed insulation.

dead raccoon

Dead Animal Removal Tampa

The smell of dead animals can be a pain, not only because it smells pretty bad and takes over your property. It’s also dangerous for you and your family! AAAC Wildlife Removal and pest control will safely complete dead animal removal from your house so that you don’t have to deal with this unpleasant task yourself or worry about their safety – we offer wildlife control services on weekends too if need us right away.

Animal corpses can be very smelly, but the bad smell doesn’t always come from decomposing bodies. When a body is killed by an animal or other creature they will release gases when the carcasses swells and bursts open after death leading to unpleasant smells lingering for long periods of time without proper odor control and removal methods being started right away.

How to detect dead animals in your home:

  • Fluid and oil Stains: Fluid seepage is another negative effect of having a dead animal stuck in your home. Fluid seepage can permeate walls, ceilings, and insulation. 
  • Stench of Death: When you think about it, decomposition is always accompanied by an odor. So at some point in time, you’ll likely be hit with the smell of a dead animal and have to deal with what that entails–whether inside or outside your home! It doesn’t just happen when animals die either; little squirrels and mice can produce the same gross stink too.
  • Swarms of Flies: The odor given off by decomposing animals may smell foul to you, but it attracts other animals. If an animal dies in your home and is allowed to remain there for a period of time, flies and other insects may reproduce and could lead to an infestation. Obviously, this makes for disgusting conditions and should be taken care of as soon as possible. If you notice more flies or insect activity in your home with no explanation, a dead animal could be the cause.

Dead animals are everywhere, sometimes in the worst places. Dead rodents crawl into cabinets and walls where they’ve died from lack of food or water. Left unchecked for weeks on end these pests will cause irreversible damage to your home with their pestilential odor that just won’t go away until you call AAAC for world class wildlife removal!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife

Q: Who do I call to remove wild animals in Hillsborough County?

A: In Hillsborough County, the process for nuisance wildlife pest control depends on the animal. You need to contact your local Animal Control office for the City of Tampa if you have a feral dog or cat that needs to be removed. For efficient and quality work removing a woodland animal such as a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake, call a general wildlife trapping company.

Q: How do you get rid of wild animals in Florida?

A: Florida and Tampa have a variety of ways to get rid of nuisance wildlife. It depends on the size of the animal, where it lives, and how widespread the problem is. Bats often need to be excluded from an attic. Raccoon control services and Squirrel removal services should be done through humane trapping, transport, and release.

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