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Wasp Control Tampa

Getting stung by a wasp, bee, or hornet is never pleasant. Having bees, wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets infest your property can be extremely dangerous. Especially for those that are allergic. Tampa, Florida, is no stranger to wasps and all manner of stinging insects. The warm climate allows these pests to build their nests throughout the entire year.

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Wasp and Bee Control in Tampa, Florida. Everything You Need to know

Wasp and Bee Removal

It is clear that wasp removal is not something that you should handle by yourself. It can be painful and potentially dangerous. Call our professional team of experts in Tampa to help you remove the nests or hives from your property. Don’t risk injury when our assistance is available. Feel free to call or contact us for your bee and wasp removal.

What is the Difference Between Wasps, Hornets, Bees, and Yellow Jackets?

The wasp, bee, hornet, and yellow jacket have things in common, like their ability to attack and travel in swarms; however, they are different from one another. There are more differences than just the name of the species, such as their choice in nest or hive, they may be up in the rafters or even burrowed in the ground. There are many bee, wasp, and hornet species; each one is different.

What Helps Get Rid of Wasps?

Multiple methods are available to help eliminate wasps. One important thing to remember is that swatting and close contact makes the situation worse; it may anger the wasp colony and lead to an attack. A large, underground nest or hive should be dealt with by an expert. Never try to remove a large nest by yourself.  We are just a phone call away.

Smaller nests can be knocked down and the colony can be destroyed if you take proper safety precautions. Ensure that the colony does not feel threatened so that they do not attack. The best time to perform wasp or bee removal is in cooler weather conditions. There are also preventative measures: such as building fake nests, or other methods that help with wasp removal.

How Much Does Wasp Control Cost in Tampa, Florida?

The cost for bee, wasp, and yellow jackets removal depends on the severity of your situation. Call us for an estimate. 

How Does an Exterminator Get Rid of Wasps? Bee and Wasp Removal

The method that an exterminator uses varies, depending on the location and size of the nest. The exterminator will start with an inspection of the nest and location. This is dangerous and should be left to the professional. The exterminator’s main priority is not to remove the nest, but rather to treat it and to try to relocate the pests. Ensure that you do not get close to the infested area or disturb the exterminator while this is taking place; the exterminator may ask you to stand at a distance.  The exterminator will be dressed in protective gear, so they are well prepared. Dust, liquids, and aerosols will be applied to the hive or nest. This may cause the pests to swarm. Once one of our professionals has found and gotten rid of the colony, they are going to remove the nest entirely to prevent any future colonies.

Is It Cruel to Kill Wasps?

Ridding yourself of the burden of a bee, wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket infestation without killing them is always ideal. Hopefully there is the option to move the nest to a different area, however, this may be the best time to call in an expert. A professional will have the most humane methods available. Removing wasps does not make you a bad or immoral person. If not located too close to the house or human activity, we can live with them in the area since they do contribute to our ecosystem and environment. Africanized honey bees, for example, provide us with delicious honey that most of us enjoy, but can be extremely dangerous if disturbed. 

How to Treat a Bee, Wasp, or Pest Sting

The treatment or control of a bee, wasp, or hornet sting depends on the severity of the sting and whether you are allergic to the insect or not. Common treatment involves removing the stinger, washing the area with soap and water, and performing a thorough inspection of the stung area. Treatment is available in the form of medication and topical creams. If you do not know whether you are allergic to a bee, wasp, or other bugs, you may want to let a doctor examine the area.  An ice pack may also relieve some of the discomfort. It is important to keep the wound and surrounding area clean. You can do this by covering it with a bandage. Keep a close eye on the wound, and contact your doctor If you are concerned. 

Your Wasp Control or Removal Professionals in Tampa, Florida

We are experienced when it comes to a wasp, bee and hornet removal. The pest control services we offer are effective at ensuring that you and your family feel comfortable in your home. It is advisable to call the professionals so that your family is safe from  a swarm or attack. We are trained to deal with aggressive species up close, no matter the name, therefore, our Tampa team can solve the problem. We will take control of the situation by removing the wasp nest or colonies and ensuring that there is no opportunity for another nest to be built.

Why Choose Us as Your local Wasp, Bee, and Pest Control Company in Tampa?

Our services are offered throughout Tampa and surrounding areas. We are only one phone call away and operate throughout the whole year. We offer a wide variety of common pest control services in Florida. These services include:

  • * Wasp and bee removal- This includes yellow jackets and hornets.
  • * Removal of pest problems and other pests, such as spiders – A pest infestation is not something you want to find yourself dealing with.
  • * Pest control inspection

As a Tampa Wasp Control customer, keeping your property and business safe is crucial to us. Our expert and professional team has years of experience and can monitor your pest situation. This business works around complete customer satisfaction. We are equipped to deal with plenty of bee and wasp removal service requests all year round.

Call or Contact Us Today! Control Your Bee or Wasp Situation

Dealing with pests in your home, or on your property,  may be a common occurrence throughout the year. You do not need to struggle with finding a suitable service any longer. Call us today so that we can free your home, your property and your life of the burden of pests. Claim your home back today!

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